Welfare with smart sensors and advanced algorithms

Welfare technology company Varda Care is using smart and invisible sensors in combination with advanced algorithms to improve quality of life at nursing homes. By monitoring health data and utilizing data analytics the solution can detect early signs or symptoms of health deterioration and improve the health personnel’s decision-making. A user-friendly technology that could be integrated into the patient’s favourite chair or bed to map their health status around the clock without disturbing them.

The Ålesund based team in Varda Care is now focused on certification and looking forward to introducing their new technology on the market in 2022.

This is in the sweet spot of our competence of digital health and connected care and we are very proud of having Varda Care as a client. We are looking forward to working with Varda Care and helping them achieve their goals. It is inspiring to work with the Varda Care team and be a partner in the development of a meaningful service. We are excited to continue the collaboration in 2022

The regulations and requirements are experienced as rather complex and sometimes overwhelming. That’s why we contacted Yallow to assist and guide us through this process. They have proven to be a trusted partner with deep knowledge and experience in this domain. The team at Yallow ensure progress and in a positive meaning force us to keep the pace up towards certification