Optical Design & Metrology

Optical metrology and sensing represent a cornerstone of innovation, offering unparalleled accuracy and versatility in various applications critical to advancing healthcare and biological research. At Yallow, we specialize in harnessing optical metrology and sensing technologies to address the complex challenges facing the life science and health technology sectors. Our expertise spans a wide range of applications, from biomedical imaging and diagnostics to pharmaceutical manufacturing and biotechnology research.

In biomedical imaging, optical metrology plays a pivotal role in the development of advanced imaging systems for capturing high-resolution, three-dimensional images of biological tissues and structures. These systems enable clinicians and researchers to visualize cellular processes, detect abnormalities, and monitor disease progression with unprecedented precision.


Life Sciences

In the dynamic field of life sciences, automated measurements using optics are opening new frontiers. Eclipse has led instrument development for microscopy, spectroscopy, endoscopy, cytometry, and optometry, collaborating with partners. Whether exploring cellular dynamics or advancing diagnostics, let us contribute to your success.



As the automotive industry moves towards autonomy, the demand for high-quality sensors continues to rise. Eclipse stands at the forefront, specializing in LIDAR systems, stereo cameras, and eye-tracking technologies. These groundbreaking innovations are instrumental in shaping the current landscape of ADAS, guaranteeing the development of safer and smarter vehicles for the future.



In industrial manufacturing, precision and speed are crucial. While off-the-shelf solutions suffice for many, some require bespoke development. Eclipse offers expertise to tailor solutions to your needs. From ultra-fast measurements to custom developments, count on us to elevate your processes.