Medical innovation with Cardiacs

Cardiovascular related diseases are the leading cause of hospitalization and death worldwide, and there is an increase of patients with complex cases where open heart surgeries are required. Norwegian medtech company Cardiaccs wants to cover the urgent unmet need for better cardiac monitoring to reduce morbidity and mortality in this patient group.

Yallow Life Science are happy to be part of the brilliant research and development team at Cardiaccs by assist them in engineering, software and electronic development of new innovating research tools for the Cardiaccs system.

Working with Cardiaccs is really an exciting experience. It is very fascinating what they have achieved and what their future looks like! We have a close collaboration with the team at Cardiaccs to make sure that all needs are met and that we are developing the correct product in a particular demanding market.

The people at Yallow are highly skilled, responsive, and easy to work with! In a short time, they managed to get a very good understanding of our products and development needs, and we are therefore confident in the quality of their deliverables. With the help of Yallow, we will shorten our time to market considerably for this product line