Hello Marcin!

Happy day! Again. Yallow is growing fast and building up a strong and dedicated development team. We are super-excited about onboarding our first full stack software developer- Marcin Michalik. Marcin got a M.Sc in biotechnology and has a background as Phd student at the Max Planck Institute in Germany and as a researcher at Rikshospitalet in Oslo.


Marcin is our first software developer in Yallow which is really exciting. Marcin is curious by nature, very committed and passionate and with a love for technology and innovation. Marcin has deep and relevant knowledge in the Life Science domain and will definitely move Yallow towards our goal of being best in class within our field. Marcin will jump straight into an exciting medtech project.

I am super exited joining Yallow. The company’s culture and value suits me very well and matching my skills. I am very motivated to get going with Yallow.