Hello Ira!

Ira Sharma Sankhayan joins Yallow as Chief Compliance Officer after a position as Head Of Quality/ Regulatory at Otivio AS. Ira will be heading the QA/RA team at Yallow and be responsible of further development of our offerings in the field of quality, regulatory, technical documentation, and compliance. She will immediately get going both with customer projects, internal compliance and most importantly developing and growing an expertise team of QA/RA at Yallow.

Ira holds a master in microelectronics from the university in Oslo and after 5 years at Norautron she joined GE Healthcare in Horten where she worked for 7 years gaining valuable experience within medical device and the QA/RA business. After her latest position for the last 3 years as Head of QA/RA at Otivio she is now ready to join Yallow as Chief Compliance Officer.

Ira will also join the management team at Yallow where she will be a great contribution with her experience, knowledge and fearless yet humble attitude.

The recruitment and onboarding of Ira marks milestone in our history and I am pleased, humble, and very excited about welcoming Ira. She brings tons of experience, commitment and passion which of course means a lot for us and for our customers. Brick by brick we are building a high performing team of experts, a great place to work and a trusted partner for our customers

Joining Yallow gives me the opportunity to share knowledge and experience that I have gathered within the medical device sector. Knowing the pain and the challenges within the industry encouraged me to pursue my career with Yallow to help other companies in realizing the product to market within the context of compliance. My presence in Yallow will be to help and navigate our customers in ensuring effective and practical creation, implementation, and maintenance of the QMS, Technical documentation and regulatory affairs compliance activities. The goals for me are to help and grow with the customer with compliance, courses, and training of different ISO standards through competent Quality and regulatory team in Yallow.