Camera Lab

Yallow specialize in the meticulous evaluation of image quality for camera prototypes and products. With a dedication to advancing imaging excellence, our lab serves as a hub for cutting-edge research and development, offering a comprehensive suite of services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Powered by expertise and equipped with advanced technology, we are committed to providing precise and reliable assessments that drive innovation and elevate the standards of imaging performance. Step into our world of imaging expertise and discover how we can help you achieve your vision of superior image quality and clarity.

Our Offer

01. MTF Measurements using Slanted Edge

We conduct Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) measurements to assess the sharpness and resolution of your camera’s optics, providing valuable insights into its imaging performance.

02. Light Measurements

Our lab performs precise measurements of light sensitivity and uniformity across the image sensor, ensuring accurate exposure and consistent image quality under various lighting conditions.

03. Distortion Analysis

We analyze distortion in your camera’s images to identify any aberrations or irregularities that may affect the accuracy and fidelity of captured scenes.

04. Dynamic Range Evaluation

Our dynamic range measurements assess the camera’s ability to capture details in both bright highlights and dark shadows, crucial for preserving image detail in high-contrast scenes.

05. Siemens Star Testing

We utilize Siemens star patterns to evaluate the resolving power and contrast sensitivity of your camera system, providing quantitative data on its spatial resolution capabilities.

06. X-Rite Color Checker Analysis

Our color checker analysis ensures accurate color reproduction by assessing color accuracy, consistency, and fidelity across the image sensor.

07. Veiling Glare Assessment

We quantify veiling glare to evaluate the camera’s resistance to unwanted internal reflections and lens flare, ensuring clear and contrast-rich images in challenging lighting conditions.